WhatsApp newsletters in marketing and publishing are about to end

The time of the WhatsApp newsletter is officially over. The messenger has changed its policies. As of December 7, 2019, automatic sending of messages via WhatsApp violates the rules. Infringements even threaten legal consequences.

WhatsApp is one of the largest and most popular messengers in the world. And even in Germany, there is no digital service that has a larger user community.

Of course, it is accordingly attractive for the media and companies to tap into WhatsApp for their own communication. After all, there is no more direct route to the consumer than a one-to-one chat.

As of December 7, 2019, WhatsApp newsletters are prohibited

WhatsApp newsletters have been particularly popular for some years now. Platforms, vendors, and dashboards like Messenger People have been able to send the same message to hundreds or thousands of users.

Since WhatsApp is often one of the few apps that has been banned from users’ lock screens, the click and open rates of the WhatsApp newsletters are correspondingly high.

However, with the arrival of professional service providers for sending messages via WhatsApp, it is clear that automated or personalized, non-individual mass mailing of messages violates the Messengers’ usage policy.

This is what WhatsApp has concretized in its rules. By 7 December 2019, there will be a transitional period for WhatsApp’s official partners. In this is also the newsletter dispatch still possible.

As of this deadline, any form of automated push message violates the policy. In case of infringement, companies even face legal consequences.

How can I still use WhatsApp in business communication?

However, the current change does not mean the end of WhatsApp in professional business communications. Only the focus shifts.

For example, the so-called WhatsApp Business Solution API has been available in Germany for almost a year now. This interface is available to verified WhatsApp Business Solution Partners. This includes, for example, Messenger People.

Through these official partners, companies can continue to use WhatsApp in their own communications. However, it will be no later than December 2019, only pull-communication.

This means that users or customers proactively contact companies via WhatsApp. Companies can then respond to this type of request for free within 24 hours. It is therefore more about support than another news channel.

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