Harald Fortmann in a podcast: That’s what the executive partner of Five14 says

In “Behind The Screens” – the podcast on digitization – Panos Meyer, Managing Director of the Hamburg-based digital agency Cellular, speaks with people who deal with the challenges of digitization in different positions and responsibilities on a daily basis. Today guest: Harald Fortmann, executive partner of the recruitment consultancy Five14.

The right people for digitization

When talking about digitization, it’s often about the right people. Those, whoInitiate and guide processes in their companies. But where do you find them? And how?

Harald Fortmann and his recruitment consultancy Five14 help solve this problem. “The occupation of new employees only makes sense if you as a company know where you want to go,” says Fortmann.

If you create the digital strategy in isolation without the corporate strategy, you make a big mistake.

Harald Fortmann: “New Work is not called No Work”

Fortmann has also dealt with New Work for several years. He explains,that the media mistakenly associates the term with digital natives.

According to Fortmann, modern and flexible work is the result of the digitization of our worldincluding the resulting opportunities.

Companies have to change in times of New Work to be even more attractive to new employees.

In addition, New Work would not automatically mean No Work. For younger people growing up in a digitally flexible working environment, this could be a challenge.

Do good with impact

After 18 years in the operative digital economy and seven years in recruiting, the death of his mother led to a rethinking and eventually to the desire to start his own business again.

Fortmann wants to do good and help people. For example, Five14 donates 14 percent of the profits to charitable projects.

Fortmann and his team do not act as classic recruiters. They also help companies to adapt their culture to New Work. This is the only way to be attractive for new applicants in the long term.

But the market could already turn 2021 in another direction. Exactly what he learned recently on a trip to China and why Wework pays him commissions in the meantime, Harald Fortmann explains in the new episode of the Behind The Screens podcast you’ll find hereSoundCloud, iTunesorSpotifylisten directly and for free.

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