The Apple operating system of the future: a single network?

Apple is increasingly basing its strategy on connecting all devices together. The latest step in this direction is linking Mac and iPad. We’ll see what the Apple operating system of the future might look like.

Apple announced new versions of its operating systems at its WWDC Developer Conference in June: iOS 13 for the iPhone, Mac OS Catalina for the Mac, and iPad OS for the iPad.

The iPad has for the first time missed its own operating system. As part of this, Apple has also introduced the Sidecar feature that allows users to expand their Mac desktops and use their iPad as their second display.

Creative people then have the opportunity, for example, to work with the Apple Pencil on the iPad in Photoshop. That’s a smart move. The combination of Mac and iPad could take Apple one step further, bringing all of its devices even closer together.

The Apple operating system of the future: a single network?

The guess is at least very close. After all, the iPhone and the Apple Watch have already successfully connected the US technology company.

The iCloud online storage has long been integrated into every Apple device, so users can access data from iPhone, iPad, Mac, and any other part of their Apple hardware.

The company seems to be pursuing a concrete plan: The Apple operating system will apparently be aligned on all devices so that users can use them together.

Apple and its ease of use

This is very convenient for users. We do not have to get used to other operating systems and functions from device to device, transfer data easily and quickly, and even use our devices multifunctionally.

Granted, that’s pretty clever. And because Apple does a great job software-technically, that’s easy to say-working with the devices is also a lot of fun.

The benefits for the company itself are easy to recognize. If you have an iPhone, you are also welcome to use the Apple Watch. And with the new sidecar feature for Mac and iPad, it’s even tempting to buy both devices.

Potential for improvement in Apple Maps and Apple Music

Basically, Apple does a really good job. But the company is lagging behind in two important ways: Google Maps has its nose far ahead of Apple Maps and Spotify is by far the more popular streaming service than Apple Music and iTunes.

With the new Apple operating system iOS 13, Apple Maps should get a complete renewal including elaborate 3D street pictures. But the app will be available for the first time only in the US. Google Maps therefore remains more reliable, more detailed and accessible to more users.

So far, Apple does not give the impression that the company has a plan to prevail against Spotify. With the new Mac operating system Mac OS Catalina, the company prefers to stomp iTunes and launch three new apps: Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV.

That sounds a little less practical: Instead of all formats in one app, we have to use them in three different ways.

Where could the Apple operating system develop?

It looks as if Apple wants to tailor its devices in the future more and more to each other. Accordingly, the Apple operating system of the future might look like more and more apps and features appear that allow us to use our devices as a supplement.

And if all applications are running on all major Apple devices, we could have a single app selection with iPhone, iPad and Mac. For developers, this would have the great advantage of having to format only one app for each platform.

The next step in this direction is already done with the sidecar function: the iPad will also support Mac apps from autumn 2019.

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