Netflix presents the most popular Netflix series for the first time

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Although Netflix is one of the most popular platforms in the world, the company was rather reluctant in facts and figures. That changes now. That’s why the streaming service presents for the first time the most popular Netflix series for individual countries.

Netflix now has over 155 million paying customers. The trend is clear: rising. Although make themselves with Disney and Co. a few competitors with its own streaming service. But whether these products in the highly competitive video streaming market, must first be seen.

More openness: The most popular Netflix series from individual countries

Growing competition could also be one reason why Netflix is now giving its investors in-depth insights. So far, the streaming service is relatively reluctant when it comes to successful products.

Specifically, the company wants to break down the most popular Netflix series and movies for individual countries. These numbers will be updated every month. The UK starts here.

As Netflix explains on Twitter, a movie, show, or show is considered watched when the video is 70 percent over. For the most popular Netflix series, it’s enough if the user has seen a 70 percent season.

10th place: Riverdale

In tenth place lands in the survey of Netflix the US series Riverdale. Since 2017, the comic book adaptation is at the start. Meanwhile, there are almost 60 episodes.

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10th place: Riverdale. (Photo: Screenshot / YouTube)

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